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The Welcome Series Kit

Do you have an email you use to communicate with your customers but have not yet introduced your business to them when they joined your mailing list?

Stop losing potential customers!

Create an automated email welcome series that keeps your leads engaged and turns them into loyal fans of your business.

When someone leaves you their mail address is a unique and crucial moment for establishing a valuable and stimulating relationship. The potential customer, who has just agreed to receive your future messages, is particularly curious and have the right mindset to hear from you. It is your task to reinforce this state of mind and prove that you deserve the attention.

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Sit back and relax while I handle your welcome series emails.

Welcome series are automated emails sent to subscribers when they first sign up and are a great opportunity to make a great first impression.
Think of your welcome emails as a first date: they help you get better acquainted and build trust with your audience, and then allow you to establish your credibility and help you cultivate future relationships.

Why should you do welcome series?




Stop Losing Money.

Stay Relevant.

Captivate Your Audience.

You could be losing out on profits from your new subscribers: make sure you're not letting them slip away.

If you are not showing up in your readers inbox when they are expecting it, people will forget about you and your business.

Your audience is very interested in you at the moment they sign up. Don't let your potential customers slip away! Keep their interest alive.

welcome series

Make your audience feel like home.

No matter what your industry or product/service offering, who signs up to your mailing list follows a “journey” of awareness, from a point where they haven’t even acknowledged they have a problem or need, to deciding whether your product or service is right for them.

Welcome series help your audience to get more aware of your values, your products and services: the closer they are to your business, the more likely they are to buy something.

Get started today!

- Introduce your brand and values;

- Engage new subscribers;

- Introduce products or services;

- Set expectations for upcoming emails;

- List upcoming events;

- Build trust in subscribers;

- Get conversions;

- Gather subscriber preferences;

- Thank subscribers;

- and more.

All the things

you can do with

a Welcome Series

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Welcome New Readers: Preparing the Ground for Success.

Start connecting with your clients

If you’ve been collecting emails for your list, but you haven’t really done anything with them, take advantage now of my promotion.

Start connecting with your subscribers as soon as they fill out your signup form, without spending endless hours trying to figure out what to write, when to send, how many emails to include, etc.

The Welcome Series Kit

Here's what you get:


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Package starts at 1200 francs.

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