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Email marketing is not just a newsletter.

There are many different types of messages that can help you to get people interested in your business and to automate much of your work.

I help you understand how to optimise your email communication to make it relevant and targeted.

My four packages:

04. The Welcome Series kit

01. Monthly

Email Marketing Management

02. Automation

03. Hire Me

Whether you do not have time, the resources or the skills to include email marketing in your strategy, I have the solutions to help you better communicate your offer and establish a relationship of trust with your reader and client.

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Are you unsure about how I can help you with your business and just need to start a conversation about possible ways to work together?

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01. Monthly Email Marketing Management

Grow and nurture relationships with your ideal customers.

Turn them from readers into customers.

This is the service you are looking for if you need to send one, or more, emails per month to your readers.

I manage the entire process, from start to finish, making sure to take care of all needed aspects of sending out a perfect email.

The structure of the email I design for you is yours and you can reuse it for future similar communications to clients.

Do you also need copy for your emails? I will be happy to tailor a solution that works best for you.

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02. Automation

Emails that create valuable, personal touches, at scale and on auto-pilot.

Automation is what helps you free up your time.

Automation helps to welcome subscribers, to delight readers with a birthday wish, encourage upsell, to remind a purchase, to offer discounts, to send out content on-demand, to forward updates and more.
The beauty of it: once the automation is set, you do not have to take further action on them.

Copy can be provided separately. I always provide a clear guideline of what needs to be communicated in each automation.

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03. Hire Me

A fully outsource email service that gives you the time to grow your great business.

Make your life easier.

Enjoy part-time support, with a minimum of 6 hours per week dedicated to everything email marketing: from setting up mailer to executing, monitoring, cleaning your audience and optimising your strategy.

Let me handle the complexities of email marketing while you focus on what you do best. Elevate your campaigns, save time, and watch your business thrive with the professional support of my complete email marketing management.

A minimum of 3 months commitment is required for this service.

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In need of a strategic consultation?

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Skip the email overwhelm: book a call now for personalised assistance today.

This service helps you if you want to set up an email marketing strategic plan

or need to improve it.

A strategy is always included in my Hire Me package.

The strategic consultation costs 130 per hour.

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Good tips to grow with.

Here you can find my articles that can help you improving your email marketing campaigns together with tips I like from the best in the field of marketing.


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This is me, Chiara.

Your email marketing consultant.
I can send your regular marketing emails for you, build your automations or take your entire email marketing off your hands. You choose.

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