Wellness and Business Retreat - Mykonos 1-5 june 2022

Join me, Monia Pyraki and Martha Lamari in a mindful and nourishing retreat on the breathtaking island of Mykonos.

Have you ever thought of dedicating a few days to yourself, to rest and regenerate your spirit so that you can then focus energetically on your business and on the foundations that make it strong, such as collaborations, productivity and strategy?

Allow yourself to step away from distractions and focus on yourself, on your soul and on the good vibes that will help you develop clarity, balance and happiness in your life.

We will bond over healthy and colourful meals, taking care of ourselves and fulfilling our life to the fullest.

This is the retreat for you if you like growth and personal development and are inspired by being in a small and dedicated group of encouraging businesswomen.

An invitation to nurture your mind and spirit while connecting and thriving.

Mykonos, Greece, June 1-5 2022

The Clarity Journey - Wellness and Business Retreat

We invite you to join us to nourish and rebalance your soul and business, empty the mind and create new space, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and take care of your wellbeing.

This exclusive retreat will be co-hosted by Monia Pyraki, me and our gracious host Martha Lamari, the owner of our villa that will accommodate us, a luxurious front-beach estate in one of Europe’s most beautiful places in Greece, the stunning Mykonos.

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A unique and exclusive retreat that will help you evolve your body, soul and business.


Mykonos, 1st-5th of June 2022


Our days will be marked by good spirit and simplicity. You will feel at home because you will be surrounded by people who, like you, value relationships and care for them. The people who participate in this retreat know how to support and cheer each other up. They are women who understand the importance of sharing ideas and resources. They collaborate and learn from each other so that everyone can grow stronger together.


At this retreat, we will create a nurturing environment for the community to thrive so that you can connect with other women who intimately know and understand what it looks and feels like to run a heart-centred business with all sorts of competing demands.

At the arrival, you will have time to settle in and enjoy the first moments of relaxation, followed by a dinner together. This will be the perfect opportunity to get to know each other and to prepare together for the time of renewal and personal and professional growth.

The second and third days will start with a hearty breakfast, a swim or a walk for those who wish. We will then enjoy our first yoga session with Martha and enjoy a light lunch before devoting ourselves to our afternoon workshops (Monia's workshop and mine).

Before dinner, we will unwind with a second yoga class aimed at relaxing and recharging. You will feel empowered, calm, re-charged, ready to enjoy a day of complete relaxation.


The last day will be all about you.

Your priorities will be clear now, your energies and resources allocated property, your vision planned. It is time to relax, do some shopping, sleep, get together!

You will have the chance to do more yoga, to refresh in the warm seawater or to just be happy and grateful for what you have achieved.

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a Beautiful reminder for you

Dream. Plan. Do.

This is an opportunity for you to re-connect with yourself and nourish your soul.

We designed this retreat with the intention to support women entrepreneurs to take care of themselves as much as they take care of their families and business. We personally believe that it​ is paramount to get away from your routine because you deserve to treat yourself!
You will have five powerful days to reflect and work on your business strategy.

This is for you if :

You have a business idea and want to take action towards it or if you are in the early stages as a business owner.

You love connecting with like-minded women and you are seeking to have some “you time” to reflect and reconnect with your values and what is important to you.

You are looking for inspiration and want to put in place some systems ( like email marketing that will support your business and its growth).

You want to get clear on your Big Picture, Purpose and Goals until the end of the year and work out how you are going to get to the next level.

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The daily routine



We will be staying at a beautiful villa with panoramic views of the bay of Agios Sostis. You have a choice of booking a shared double room with separate beds or a single room. All rooms have private bathrooms.

The private yoga area is located in the quietest part of the Villa.


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food retreat chiara studio


figs chiara studio

Local cuisine and fresh products, daily.

Healthy and nourishing food will be prepared daily by our chef. We will enjoy the colourful and seasonal meals that will clean our bodies and make our palate sing. Fresh fruits for snacking will always be available at the villa, anytime.

"happiness is great food and great company".

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The workshops

Chiara About Chiara studio

Business Workshop

by chiara capuzzo

When someone agrees to share with us the last bastion of their online privacy, their email, the best idea is to reward them with content that works immediately towards building a lasting and interesting relationship.

No matter if you are selling services or products, welcoming your clients - or potential ones - with a series of gratifying, relevant content is the first step towards the creation of trust.

You may not have had time to take care of this part of your business yet so now it is the perfect occasion to improve your online communication. (what if they have something in place, explain).

Let me help you exploit the personal individuality of an email.

During my workshop, I will guide you towards the creation of your welcome series of messages.

You will finally have the time and focus to write content that peaks at the curiosity of your reader, keeps the attention high and prepares the ground for the best possible reception of the following messages.

  • an informed and practical no-fluff vision to start or improve your email marketing;
  • the content you need to immediately implement your ideal welcome series;
  • immediate feedback from me and your fellow participants.
  • At the end of chiara's workshop,

    you will take home:

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    Monia retreat chiara studio

    Coaching Workshop

    by monia pyraki

    Monia Pyraki will offer a Business with Soul session.
    Through exercises and tools, you will review your business model, connect it to its purpose and mission.

    You will work on a mid-year reflection and choose your focus for the next 6 months and develop an action plan with real steps to take and deadlines in which to achieve them.

    "Live the life you love. Love the life you live"

    your guides

    Monia Pyraki

    Chiara Capuzzo

    chiara studio chiara capuzzo
    monia pyraki retreat

    Monia is a Life and Business coach. She has worked around the world organising major Events, including Olympic Games and brings over 10 years of experience in Events & Business Management.

    Monia is passionate about wellness and she loves bringing it, into the daily life of her clients.

    She empowers women to maximize their strengths in all areas of their lives and infuses her coaching sessions with high levels of energy and positivity to support them to identify and select the perspectives that bring greater value to their life/work/family balance using practical tools.


    Associate Certified Coach (ACC,) International Coach Federation (ICF)

    BA in Business Management

    Masters Degree in Tourism & Events - Surrey University

    Meditation - Mindfulness and Yoga -

    E-RYT Yoga Alliance

    Areas of expertise

    Business & Wellbeing Coaching, Event Management, Mindfulness & Meditation, Vision, Values, Goals Setting, Emotional Intelligence

    Chiara is an email marketing consultant with more than 10 years of experience in corporate and small-medium business environments.

    She focuses on creating email marketing plans that work sustainably, both for companies and their readers, and she is keen on delivering messages that want to be opened, read and that are capable to convert.

    Chiara also organises meet up for small businesses in Zürich where entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate in a friendly and supporting environment.

    Chiara likes to stay curious about life, meet new people and hear new stories about life and dreams.


    Master Degree in Marketing and Business Communication;

    Public Relations For Digital Media Specialisation;

    Associate Degree in Design and Innovation;

    The science of Well-Being, Personal Development.

    Areas of expertise

    Brand Management, PR, Digital Business, Media Strategy and Planning, Consumer Marketing and Business Marketing, Marketing Research.

    this is an exclusive retreat so only LIMITED SPOTS are AVAILABLE. Reserve today.

    Your investment

    Mykonos 1-5 june 2022

    5 days, 4 nights at the villa,

    private bathrooms,

    2 business workshops,
    twice a day yoga practice,

    yoga equipment,

    a welcome dinner,

    light breakfast and brunch,

    swimming pool,

    warm and friendly atmosphere.

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    COVID 19 Precautions

    The safety of our guests, team and venue partners is of thr utmost importance to us. Bleow are the precautions we are taking

    All travellers should have a plan in case they have to extend their stay if they test positive right before leaving Greece. You must isolate 10 days at your own expense.

    The retreat cannot assist you in getting back to your country earlier than prescribed by the Greek health authotities, or provide monetary assistance for any required extended lodging.

    Pre arrival

    We are requiring all participants to show proof of vaccination of covid19. Please be ready to provide this at registration.

    On site

    We will conduct temperature screening for all guests.

    Mats and yoga props will be disinfected and cleaned after each use (everyone is responsible to clean their own yoga mats).

    Face masks, hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies will be available on property.