How your coach can help your business grow.

April 30, 2021

Monia Pyraki brings over 15 years of experience in Events & Business Management, as well as Life, Wellness and Business coaching. She has worked around the world organizing major Events including Olympic Games. 
Monia has also worked in the luxury/retail sector building successful teams.

Her area of expertise spans from Business & Wellbeing Coaching to Event Management, Team Building, Mindfulness & Meditation, to Vision, Values, Goals Setting, Emotional Intelligence.

She kindly answered these interesting questions for Chiara Studio explaining why the coaching services that nowadays are so popular and how a coach can improve and support the life of a small business owner in particular.
Hope you will enjoy the reading.

How your coach can help your business grow: Q&As

Q: Let’s start with you Monia. Why did you want to become a coach?

A: I have a business & event management background and worked in corporate events around the world for many years. But I was also co-owning a retail store with my family in Greece.
I am saying all this because it some times happens that you don’t feel fulfilled in what you are doing – although you might seem to have everything something is missing.

I decided to become an ICF accredited coach initially for my own personal growth as I love learning but then I realised that this is what I love to do.
I always believed that people should go after their dreams, but some times they get stuck and need support.

For me, coaching is a way to open up doors to my true calling and potential and I want to help as many people as I can to do the same.
I am passionate about helping people, and specifically, women/mums that are in transition to find balance in their life, to have a clear vision and believe that they can change their career if they want to, they can create their dream business, and they can feel joy, balance and focus in their everyday life.
I love listening and helping them get out what matters most to them, discovering their strengths – but most importantly I love being a coach and see the transformation of my clients – that makes me happy!

Q: How coaching services are so popular now?
A: With all the changes happening after Covid19 more and more people are looking to re-design their life but also a greater sense of fulfilment. Having someone to support you and hold you accountable to take actions towards your goals within a busy life is really important. Having someone to talk too, that will listen without any judgment.

Q: How you as a coach can help entrepreneurs?
A: I can help them see their big Vision, when you own a  business it is sometimes easy to get lost in daily life and lose track of why you are doing what you are doing why it is important to you. Also by getting clarity on their product, doing a SWOT analysis, working on their money mindset and setting clear goals for their business for the next 1/5/10 years. I also support their well-being because it is important for every entrepreneur to realize that their health & wellbeing is key to their performance.

I see coaching from a holistic point of you- I work with all areas of life, personal, professional, and health – all these areas need to be balanced in order for someone to be a successful entrepreneur!

Q: What it takes to set up a coaching business in 2021?

  • It all starts with a Dream. You have an idea and jump straight in.
  • Study- it is important to be certified – it will also boost your confidence. 
  • Start your business -before you are ready!
  • Create a product/service/offer that is clear. 
  • Invest in a good-looking website.
  • Get business cards and give them to as many people as possible.
  • Work with a coach in order to create a plan and have someone to hold you accountable – yes coaches need a coach as well!
  • Network with the “right” people your target audience. 
  • Share in your social media what you do & engage with people. 
  • Have trust and be patient.

Q: Since there are so many coaches nowadays, how can we choose the right one for us?
A: Finding the right coach is the very first step in making a significant change in your life. Before committing to coaching sessions you need to book a sample call session – there you will see if you are the right fit. You will discuss the areas where you need support and your coach will give you some suggestions of how you can work together and how she can support you.

Monia Pyraki

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