How to welcome new subscribers.

During The Clarity Journey Retreat held in Mykonos, I worked with 9 women entrepreneurs on their welcome series.
Email welcome series is a sequence of messages you send once someone has decided to sign up to your mailing list and they are a kind of online etiquette to welcome new subscribers into our world.

With a well-planned message series, you can create a pleasant experience for the reader, right from the start, and lay the foundation for an engaging and lasting relationship with you and your brand.

In addition, a well-crafted welcome message gives you the opportunity to show the reader not only what you do, but also how you do it, why you do it and where to find information that may be useful to them, on your site or on other platforms.

During the retreat, the ultimate aim of the workshop was to provide the participants with a guide with precise prompts so that all entrepreneurs could take home not only an overview of the various messages to write and their goals but also 4 complete emails + a bonus ready to only be implemented in the mailer.

Starting to write a welcome series is often a tough part, but it is also the test necessary to understand and make sure that your offer is good, attractive and of value to the reader.

Nowadays, so many other businesses offer the same product or service, the competition is extremely high. Differentiating yourself with your tone of voice, your values, a unique offer, with an unexpected surprise, will make you stand out from the crowd and set the stage for future conversion.

What to include in a welcome series.

Here is what you can include in your welcome series to get off on the right foot in your relationship with the new subscriber:

1. Did you promise a freebie at sign-up? 
Deliver it to the reader immediately and explain how to use it (do they need to click on a link, save a pdf, how can they use the coupon?). 

2. Make sure your content is of value and not a waste of effort for the reader: remember that they have given you their trust along with their mail address;

3. Confirm that the registration was successful. Receiving an email immediately after an action is taken online reassures those who have signed up. And the confidence rate goes up;

4. Explains to the reader what you do and what they will receive in subsequent messages. Not only this is called politeness: it also sets clear expectations and is a way to encourage good reception of future emails. Are you not the right person for the reader at that moment? Give them the opportunity to unsubscribe and not affect your open rates;

5. Create a personal connection. For the same reason I mentioned above, the competition is very high in the market, and differentiating yourself from the masses remains the card to play to compete with the giants. Use stories, your own and/or customers’ experiences, and bring the reader closer to you with your personality.

6. Prepare your subscriber to buy and present your offer. You are here for your business and yes, a hard-sell copy is not always necessary but don’t miss the opportunity to present your product or service: welcome email read rates are 42% higher than the average email.

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