5 ways you can start off your email campaigns.

June 1, 2021

How nice that you are reading me.
Every time I write something I think of you and I hope that my message is useful to you and that you enjoy it a little.

Writing messages is part of a culture of empathy and knowledge of one’s readership, which should never, ever be confused with the concept of mass. Writing is a personal, relational act, which must be taken care of in terms of the quality of its contents and the understanding of those who read it.
Then comes the rest: the clicks, the conversions, the numbers.

I am often asked how to reach a mailing list of 1000 subscribers and I often ask myself: why?
When you have 1000 subscribers, what do you do with them?
Rather, is not better to take a step back and see if the foundations of our own communication are already in place or if it is time to review the general structure of our service?
Starting from us, from those who write, from those who serve.

5 ways you can start off your email campaigns:
my fundamental points.

Choose the right tool for you

I work with Mailchimp and Flodesk and for some clients, I often recommend the latter. While Mailchimp has a number of advanced features that Flodesk currently dreams of, it is also true that Flodesk is intuitive, simple, able to bring any beginner in email marketing to options such as workflows and automation. Everything is managed with extreme simplicity: Flodesk represents an extremely accessible and pleasant testbed to use independently.

Craft your offer with care

Unlike ten years ago, I no longer leave my email address so easily with people I don’t know. I am not alone. This implies that the offers we decide to promote must be interesting for our audience otherwise there will be no freebie that matters. Knowing yourself and your audience is a skill that matures over time, so there is no reason to get depressed if you see few results at first. You can always adjust your pitch and over time you will know how to do it better and better.

Create a super simple way to enter an email address

We did great and now someone wants to reward us by leaving an address we can write to, wow! Shall we let him get away? No. Let’s try to simplify this moment and make it as smooth as possible. Nice visible buttons and little information to enter. Email and first name (or surname, if the business requires it) are enough: the rest we can find out later in the emails we will send.

Engage straight away

When I receive nice confirmation emails or thank you pages for signing up, I always gladly read them with great pleasure. If they are well done, I enjoy them a lot (and I save them too).
These types of messages make our contact feels at home’ immediately. By adding an original and personal text in our email, we have already done a great job of caring for those readers who will be already well inclined to receive our future messages.

If you have done one of my workshops on newsletters you also know other ways to strike while the iron is hot: with the welcome series!

Invite subscribers from your social media

Everyone has an email but many also have at least one profile on a social network: let’s use these spaces to make ourselves known. We can prepare a nice ad hoc landing page (I always recommend using a dedicated page from our web platform) and link it to a few posts within our grid.

When we start an email marketing journey we have to learn a lot of things but we have to remember that we are working on a proprietary channel and we are cultivating a relationship that, if nurtured well, can turn into the kind of communication that brings us closer to our customers with care and personal dedication.


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