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Struggling to connect with your audience and turn leads into paying customers?

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Is your business all about connecting, communicating, and keeping your customers engaged?

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Hi, I’m Chiara and I am your email marketing manager.

I plan, design, format, automate, test and schedule emails campaigns for businesses who value connections, engagement and customer satisfaction.

I am Mailchimp and Klaviyo certified and I also work on other mailers, like Flodesk, depending on your choice or the type of activities to be undertaken.

My goal is to to send out messages to grow a business and see results, in the most sustainable and efficient way, for you and the clients who read you.

Mailchimp Academy Foundations Certification Badge
Mailchimp Academy Email Marketing Certification Badge
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Save time, let me handle your emails!

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Tell me about your project: I am all ears.

I can help you with both strategy, campaign management or consultancy.

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I am the right person for you if:


You want to start sending out regular emails to your clients but you never find the time or do not know how to do it.


You need to introduce your brand to your subscribers with the right series of welcome messages or with content on-demand emails.


You want to launch a product, a service or need to promote an event and you need someone who can help with the email sequences .


You need help with your e-commerce and all the automations and messages needed for your business to flourish.

Pick the right solution

Let me help you build your brand.

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Whether you need to simply send regular email campaigns to your audience but you do not know how, create automation to welcome your subscribers but do not have the time to make it happen, or you are ready to fully outsource your email marketing from start to finish,

I can help.

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This is what I offer:

01. Monthly Email Marketing Management

I send email campaigns for you, from planning to designs, formats, texts and schedules.

You do not have to learn to use another platform and I make sure to send out regular emails that are open and read by your subscribers.

See the Monthly Plan

02. Automation

From welcome series to abandoned carts, birthday emails and more, I set up the necessary emails and sequences that makes your business owner life easier.
Let your email automation work its magic while you focus on what you love.

Read about automation

03. Hire me

You are ready to outsource your email marketing and you need me to take all its tasks off your hands. I set up a system to nurture relationships, engage with your audience, convert leads into customers and delight readers. I will think of everything: from segments to monthly reports.

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Every click is a wish.

I write about relevant content, useful tips, personal touches and customer experience that keep you motivated to work better on your email marketing.


When you subscribe to my mailing list, you receive Build my email list', my three email templates that will help you introduce your business to new leads and grow your mailing list.

Later, I will occasionally send you tips on how to work better when using email marketing, dates of events where we can meet and of wellness and Business Retreats where we can grow and relax together.

Life is one. Make it better. Let's connect.

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Let me take care of your mailing list when you are busy making other plans. Said someone 🎵

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